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Handmade Ceramic Whole Leaf Earrings- 22K White Gold Glaze| The Hana C – Maui Woke


Inspired by a jungle hike in 1991, deep in Maui's, Hana rainforest after reading the book "Celistine Prophecy". My life would change forever upon having a dream of The Hana Collection while camping overnight off the jungle path.

Fortunately the dream miraculously provided all the details and training necessary to accomplish this never before seen technique. The next morning after the dream I packed my tent and rushed home to purchase a kiln, clay and ordered European superior quality gold to begin my experiment.

It was my lack of experience in the field of ceramics at the time and breaking all the rules that opened the door to create something the world has never seen before. The first pieces were made purely as gifts for my Mom and sisters, unknowing the world would want them too.

A scholarship as an acrylic and oil on canvas painter to the prestigious Laguna Beach School of Art in 1982, would prepare me for new worlds of creativity. I collected the leaves,rolled out the clay carefully smelted down the gold and mixed with firing oil and fired up the kiln.

Now a master of this technique, the rest is the history of my life and art. Today I continue to practice the skills daily creating new and exciting original pieces for you to enjoy. Check back often as my latest creations are continuously added to Maui Woke.