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About Maui Woke

The Maui Woke team are a tribe of tree hugging, free spirits.

Maui Woke is a new brand developed by iconic Maui multi-media artist Scott Hernandez. Scott is most notably recognized for inventing and creating The Hana Collection jewelry on Maui in 1991, for his highly acclaimed acrylic on canvas paintings depicting dreamy young monks and for his smash hit song BOY released in 2000.... and that barely covers his many talents and accomplishments.

Scott and his team are guided by a direction higher than your standard business model and focus on products outside the norm. We share a deep insight that our body is a temple and the space we call home is our sanctuary. Today more than ever people are returning to a more simplified and authentic version of themselves.  Awakening to this concept is changing lives and healing our people and our planet. We are Woke to supporting your values and providing earth conscious products that leave a small footprint. 

We choose to provide many products that are locally sourced or ship directly from our manufacturers around the globe to you.

This saves in wasted multi-distribution shipping, pollution, cost and best of all saves you loads of cash. We are beyond grateful to represent exclusive iconic artists and master craftsmen who create excellence in pieces that mankind has never seen before. We are Woke in understanding the value of art washing through our eyes and life as a daily experience.

At a time in our culture that wants everything now, we at Maui Woke appreciate a slower lifestyle that unfolds organically. We hope you appreciate that good things in life are worth the wait as some of our products travel the globe to be with you.

Like a growing banyan tree, Maui Woke has established a strong root base believing in longevity for our future. We continue to experience new growth and unite new conscious products from around the globe that support healthy island lifestyle. Healing, supportive and compassionate.
New products are being handmade, designed, manifested and added to our humble space on a continuous basis. We hope to never finish exploring all the good things in life and inviting them into our space.

We are all creatures sharing one earth and one life experience in a vast Universe. How do you participate? We cordially invite you to explore with us and be a part of our tribe.